100% Fundraising Earnings for SY Family Club Members

The Are 2 Options for SY Club Family Members to Earn Money


100% Income Option – Club Members personally collect a $10 donation, then either print out prefilled drawing tickets to give to their supporters with their supporters name and contact information on them, or give their supporters a code so they can print out their own drawing tickets. There is a link provided below to customize and print the drawing tickets.


90% Income Option – Club Members can send supporters to their website or this one and have them donate online and print their customized drawing tickets. When this option is used the SY Club Family earns 90% – being $9 of the $10 donation.



In some states the law requires that this fundraising program must also be free to everyone. In those states, people who do not want to donate $10 for prefilled out drawing tickets can print a list of participating businesses.


SY Club Family Notice

Prior to the beginning of this fundraising promotion, SY Family Club Members will receive an email explaining participation rules and the code number they can give to supporters that personally donate to them. In the Future this fundraising promotion will be done during the Month of October

Make sure you stay Informed on whats happening at the family club.